William H. Worrell

Dear Mr. Gay,
I am sending this notice to you representing our Westminster Woods Health Center residents, administration and staff, extending our warmest gratitude for your personal involvement and quick response to our critical building needs this week.
On Monday, when the Health Center heating boiler went down, we called your company for help. That afternoon, after unsuccessful attempts to revive the boiler, your mechanics determined that replacement would be necessary. However, it would take weeks to perform the replacement and get hearing back to the building.
Terry Sheppard jumped into action knowing that a temporary boiler would be necessary. A fuel oil boiler of the correct capacity was located and secured.
By early evening yesterday, your crew had disconnected the existing boiler, reconnected the temporary, performed numerous checks and had heat to our Health Center.
I heard the temperatures dropped to the mid-30’s last night with continued low temperatures forecast for the rest of the week. Without heat to the building, our residents and staff would have been extremely uncomfortable and faced with the possibility of considering evacuation.
Thanks to YOU, Terry and your crew for another successful emergency repair!

Vice President Construction Services