Steven Blaucer

Dear Mr. Gay,
Your company has been providing preventative maintenance services at our facility TPC Village for the past two years. Our contact has been with Frank Cosentino in your service department. Frank has been always been very responsive to our needs and has worked with us to find solutions to our problems. Recently, I had a problem with my personal home unit and called Frank to see it he could help. Even though this must be your busiest time of the year, Frank was able to get a service technician out the same dat. Mr. Ray Smart, your technician, did a thorough diagnosis of our system and determined that our compressor had failed. He made every effort to get a compressor. However, the supply house was closed for the day. Ray returned early the next morning and began to recover the frame and prepared to replace our compressor. Frank picked up the compressor from the supply house and delivered it to Ray, saving valuable time and expense. They also determined that the compressor was in warranty, which saved me a considerable amount of money.
I commend Frank and Ray for going beyond the call of duty and will be happy to act as a referral for your company with prospective customers.
Thank you for patience, response and cooperative attitude when service was needed.

Sr. Coordinator TPC Village