Robert Waither

Dear Mr. Gay,
I am writing this letter to “brag” about your employees. On Thursday, July 29th at 5:00 PM, a cooling tower fan gearbox failed at the Energy Complex here at Baptist. The outside air temperature was 100 degrees and we needed this cooling tower for air-conditioning our hospital.

Our plant operators got in touch with two of your employees, Ronnie Creel , who happened to be on campus along with Frank (Lester) Smith. After assessing the situation Mr. Smith got in touch with Dane Summise , also of W.W Gay, who is familiar with cooling tower gear homes. Mr. Summise and Mr. Creel proceeded to make arrangements to get a crane and a used gearbox from Marley Cooling Towers and to install it. Working through the night they had the cooling tower up and running by 7:00 AM the next day, July 30th.

On Saturday, July 31st the used gearbox failed at 1:00 PM. The outside air temperature rose to over 100 degrees. Again, Mr.Smith and Mr. Summise, along with another W.W Gay employee came and installed a new gearbox. They worked through the night until 1:00 AM to complete the installation.

These men and the dedication shown are an example of all of us. I thank them for a job “well done.”

Manager, Energy Complex Baptist/St. Vincent’s Health System