Mike Fishbeck

To: The Management of the Individuals That Assisted a During Difficult Time,

The world is a better place thanks to you. Your quick response and assistance during the accident (October 2002) greatly expedited the care of our employee. We can only attempt to express our appreciation for your unquestioned help during our time of need. You will always be remembered by our Williams Industrial Services Inc. Team as the ones that “jumped right into help!” Your quick thinking and ability to get matters under control while dealing with matters of adversity is to be commended.

We are happy to report that our injured employee is now at home and resting. He has expressed that he is anxious to get to normal and he is trying to figure out how quickly he can get some “bass fishing” in. His fishing is one of his passions. The treating physicians believe he will fully recover from his injuries. This is something that everyone is glad to hear.

In closing, we want to again say THANKS! It is comforting to know there are individuals like you when times get tough. Have a Safe Day!

Operations Manager Williams Industrial Services, Inc.