Mark Fisher

Dear Mr. Gay:

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my thanks and appreciation to WW Gay and its installation team for their exceptional performance on the air handling units replacement project recently completed for Johnson Controls at Cape Canaveral Hospital.

In an industry that is too often beset by underperformance and missed expectations, and where the customer is often secondary to self-interest and financial goals, it’s truly a pleasure to work with an organization and team that are clearly committed to project success and customer satisfaction.

In particular, I’d like to express my appreciation and thanks for the perfomance of Dan Davenport, WW Gay Project Manager, whose commitment to overcoming all challenges and completing each installation on time and at a high level of quality was exceptional. Dan was a true partner to myself and JCI throughout th is project, not only keeping me proactively informed of project progresss but also of solutions to every challenge that occurred along the way. Dan is truly devoted to customer satisfaction, and although he and I had no prior experience working together he quickly became someone I knew I could count on to do the right th ing at the right time.

Additionally, I’d like to thank Scott Robinson, WW Gay Foreman, and Jason Strickland, WW Gay Superintendent, for their tireless efforts in completing each AHU replacement under very difficult timelines and physical conditions at a functioning hospital. Along with the entire installation team, they are a testament to WW Gay’s commitment to quality and success.

In closing, I believe that Dan, Scott, Jason and the entire WW Gay installation team truly deserve to be recognized for providing exceptional customer service and support well beyond the expectations of Johnson Controls on the Cape Canaveral AHU Replacement Project.

On behalf of the Johnson Controls – Health First Projects Team, please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation to WW Gay for your outstanding performance, and I look forward to combined success on future projects.

Project Manager John Controlas, inc.