Ken Barksdale

To: Mike Bowles
I would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere thanks toward one of your employees for several different reasons. Tim Johnson always has a pleasant attitude and is very customer orientated while he is working at one of our facilities. He has great work ethics and expresses a desire to complete the task at hand efficiently, while preserving his workmanship as a priority.

Recently, Tim went above and beyond his normal duties to recognize and notify one of my employees of a situation that could have escalated to a very serious and costly problem. Our fire suppression pump managed to start up and was rapidly building pressure, because the relief line failed to release and as a result caused steam to build. Tim quickly notified Tony Saunders and he was able to turn the pump off at the very last minute before a major problem occurred. This was all possible due to the attention to detail by Tim Johnson.

It is a pleasure to work with and around folks like Tim that really care and inspire others to care about doing a professional job. We appreciate people who respect other people and keep that professional attitude in the forefront each and every time they show up. You at W.W. Gay have a true asset representing your business, as be should, and we at the Clay County Sheriff office don’t overlook these kinds of people whiJe they strive to help us maintain our facilities. Remember, we are only as good as the people who represent us and Tim does an outstanding job. We feel confident when Tim and his helper show up to do our services.

Facilities Manager Clay County Sheriff's Office