Dr. Kathren J, Achittman

Dear Mr. Gay,
Over the past few years, it has been great pleasure at the Cummer to work with Ron Hampton and the fine people from W. W Gay. I know that any call for service will be immediately answered and that the service the museum receives will be excellent. For an art historian, like myself who knows absolutely nothing about mechanical services, having complete trust in our contractors is essential. Ron and his men have never let me down.

As if such fine service were not enough, the museum also recently received a generous donation from you. Thank you most sincerely for the contribution of $5,000 to the Annual Fund Campaign at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens. Because of businesses such as yours, the Cummer can continue its outreach to our community. The museum is now full of people of all ages enjoying an array of programs, exhibition, and classes. Through our public programs, the museum hopes to give back to the community in equal measure the benefit it has received through the generosity of our city’s business. We are working hard to do our part to enhance the quality of life for everyone in Jacksonville. W.W Gay has helped us significantly to achieve that goal. Thank you most sincerely.

Director Cummer Museum