Don Walton

Dear Mr. Gay,

I wanted to take the time to let you know, what a pleasant experience, I had with your company. I spoke to Mr. Williamson yesterday and explained that the air conditioners had gone down at our church (Lake Shore Presbyterian). He advised that he could have someone to us as early as, 7:30 A.M. Wednesday. At exactly 7:30, your technician (James Waddell) arrived. He went to work immediately, giving the system a thorough examination. He discovered that the thermostats might have been a victim of lightning or a power surge. He obtained the parts, noting that the faulty ones were under warranty. He immediately repaired our units and was on his way.

Mr. Waddell, was prompt, courteous, industrious, and above all professional. I’m the elder in charge of our facilities and quite frankly, I’m not used to that kind of service anymore. It was quite refreshing. I thought you should know how well this young man represents your company. Well done!

Lake Shore Presbyterian