Brian O. Boartright, Architect

Dear Mr. Sheppard,
I spoke with Mr. Fred Barwell the other day concerning Aaron Millien, and I wanted to convey my thoughts to you as well, since I understand that you have had some involvement on this project. I would like you to know that I have enjoyed working with Aaron over the past year.
Aaron has been highly professional in all our encounters. He was always prepared and organized for our weekly progress meetings. His work was always closely scheduled and on time. This was apparent in our meetings. His attention to detail speaks very highly for your company. It has always had the best of reputations, but it is satisfying to have that reconfirmed through experience. If I could find a way to ensure that W.W Gay was the mechanical subcontractor on all my projects, I would do it immediately.
I look forward to working with your company again, and with Aaron, if we should have the good fortune again. If there is any way I can of service to you, please do not hestitate to call.

Vice President Stephen McCullar Architects, P.A