Heating and Air Conditioning

Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair & Installation

At W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, you can count on us to keep you cool! Our heating and air conditioning specialists are trained to work with any kind of AC system. We are trained to work on any kind of house, whether it is an older home being cooled by an air conditioner or a custom-made home having its air conditioner installed for the first time. We provide a complete range of residential AC repair services and are the top professionals in North Florida. Our employees are the best in the business!

Freon Leak Inspection & Repair

Air conditioners use Freon, a coolant that helps the system cool the air before it is blown out into the building. A common trouble with air conditioning units is a Freon leakage or Freon refill. When you discover that the air in their unit is blowing hot instead of cold, call our professional certified specialists to take a look! The first thing we’ll check is the coolant.

Prepare For The Seasons

Jacksonville Residential Heating & Air ConditioningAs the summer months approach, home and business owners should take steps to make sure that their buildings can withstand the heat and humidity. Many homes and companies today depend on a/c to keep the temperature levels inside cool and comfortable. Since your air conditioning operates around-the-clock, especially during the hottest parts of the summer season, call W.W. Gay Mechanical to make sure your AC units are in top shape for handling Jacksonville’s weather!

In spite of the frequency of air conditioning in the majority of houses today, some individuals do not actually have these systems installed in their structures. When you choose to update your AC unit and make this valuable financial investment, rely on us to help you choose exactly what air conditioning system is most suited to your requirements. After the air conditioner is purchased, rest assured that we not only install your unit but will not leave until we make certain it’s working correctly!

Air conditioning maintenance is a necessity in a place like Florida that relies on cooling systems. Call W.W. Gay Mechanical to service your AC systems! We’ll ensure everything is running smoothly and make small repairs now so you don’t have to later. Making sure these repairs are done prior to summer to help avoid problems when you’ll be depending on your systems once again the next summertime. Call W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, your complete Jacksonville air conditioning specialists, to carry out these evaluations and help them be ready to stand up to the Florida summer!

Jacksonville Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Services

  • Emergency Repair Service
  • AC Maintenance, Repair, and Replacement
  • AC System and Heat Pump Repair for Ductless and All Other Types Of Systems
  • AC Units
  • AC/Heating Repair
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Air Conditioning Installation
  • Air Conditioning Repair and Service
  • Air Control Products
  • CO Detection System Testing and Calibration
  • Coil Cleaning and Replacement
  • Damper Controls
  • Data Center – HVAC
  • Dehumidification Systems
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning Services
  • Duct-Free Systems
  • Duct System Alterations, Sealing, and Leak Testing
  • Hot Water Tanks
  • HVAC Services for Home Builders
  • Natural Gas Installation and Service
  • New Heating and Air Conditioning Unit Installations
  • New System Installation
  • Programmable Thermostats
  • Refrigeration Service and Installation
  • Residential HVAC Repair and Service
  • Residential Services