Project: New Duval County Courthouse

In June of 2009, W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor undertook a 25 Million dollar Contract effort to build the New Duval County Courthouse.  It is the largest LEED Certified Courthouse in the US and is located at 501 West Adams Street in downtown Jacksonville, Florida. The services that were provided to Turner Construction Company, the City of Jacksonville’s prime contractor, included Mechanical Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, and Plumbing systems for the 800,000 square feet facility. The building’s construction was completed in three years total and an average of over 70% of the project’s workforce were residents of Duval County or the surrounding areas; Nassau, Clay, and Baker County.

On Time Scheduling and Safety Measures

W.W. Gay met the customer’s scheduled requirements including providing Early Air Conditioning for a year-and-a-half — prior to the install sequences of Millwork and high-end wood finishes. This was accomplished by using an elaborate coordinated plan to bring HVAC systems online early, and utilizing the JEA Chiller plant’s chilled water as the exclusive source for temperature control and comfort cooling.

Safety policies were instituted and complied with that were of a very stringent nature. Examples of this is the six feet tie-off fall prevention criteria and a safety accident prevention & incentive program to heighten awareness that was well received by the workers. Very few lost time incidents were the result, having accumulated 259,000 man-hours of labor production by W.W. Gay alone, and another 194,000 man-hours by various Sub-subcontractors.

Conveniently Located

W.W. Gay’s centrally located facilities were crucial in implementing near-source piping fabrication. This was a product of CAD Building Information Modeling (BIM), which produced 3D virtual reality images that were utilized by Navis-Works Software and created 1/8” tolerance piping fabrication packages. Every single piece of piping that was installed – including hanger packages assembled for installation – was produced using these technologies to strengthen production and install efficiencies needed for a tightly scheduled project of this nature. Interestingly, approximately fifty miles of piping was fabricated and installed in the building.

W.W. Gay complied with the City of Jacksonville’s Equal Business Opportunity and Owner Purchasing Programs facilitating $6.7 million dollars of material and equipment procurement, for the City’s Contract expenditures exempted sales tax savings in the amount of $400,000 dollars.

History Fact: The first courthouse erected in Duval County was constructed of wood during the 1840s where Forsyth and Market Street intersect. It was burned to the ground during the Civil War. – Wikipedia

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