Industrial General Construction

General Construction

W.W. Gay Mechanical Inc. is the company to call if you want a team that has the ability to see further than the walls allow. There is so much that goes into making an idea into a reality. We pride ourselves in seeing the whole picture. We see the people who will be working there, the visitors, the machinery, the technology, and the personal goals of the business owners. Just like your business is extremely important to you, ours is to us so we make sure you are happy from beginning to end.

We offer industrial construction for both new construction projects and renovation to make a current building better. We are available at any time of the day and any day of the year because we understand that business never stops. Our industrial construction contractors become completely trained and have years of experience in multiple areas of construction. This results in a solid team that can get any job done, and we consider ourselves to be light years ahead of other construction companies.

Our construction services are vast and can be for a small component of your project or we can handle every aspect as part of out full-service package. We can manage every phase for you so you can focus on other aspects of your business. Specializing in industrial construction but also have experience in commercial, distribution, healthcare, and transportation environments. We can handle any type of construction work thrown our way from remodels to complete build-outs.

Some of our specific services include but are not limited to:

  • New Construction – Build-outs and creating a building or space from nothing.
  • Steel Erection – Creating the steel frame of a structure.
  • Certified Scaffold Erection – Creating the scaffolds for further construction on a structure.
  • Equipment Installation – Installation of various equipment you may need within or outside of your structure.
  • Concrete Work – Management and completion of all phases of concrete work .
  • Certified Welding – Welding of any component of your construction work.
  • Equipment Grouting – Filling in the gaps of your equipment with grout and seal your equipment.
  • Remodeling – Remodeling of the interior of your structure, including carpentry.
  • Removal of Wet and Dry Materials – Removal of all materials from your construction site.