Industrial Carpentry

industrial-carpentryWhen you have a big job that requires expert quality and fast turnaround, W. W. Gay Mechanical Contractor is the only resource you need. We maintain more than 900 employees, all of whom are professionally trained and certified. We tackle projects of any size with confidence, and our top systems planners can deploy the labor force in an economical fashion that saves you time and money. Take a look at some of our more popular services.

Industrial Carpentry

From remodels to major upgrades, we can deploy an entire fleet of industrial carpenter contractors and equipment. Your facilities can be planned, erected or transformed with minimal input on your end. Talk to a project manager to plan the entire process before you commit to any dates or payments. We can draw from 450 individual carpenters, so no job is too big, and for the extraordinary tasks, we’ll never shy away from acquiring more manpower or resources from the local unions. Each has access to a combined 3 million members, so you can trust that talent shortages will never come between you and a completed project.

Industrial Construction

Very few large-scale projects are strictly carpentry. It’s always easier to contract the entire job from a single source, and we can be that source. We supply concrete contractors, remodeling contractor personnel, plumbers and any other range of skilled labor necessary to make sure everything is covered. The key to saving on industrial projects is to unify your efforts, and that is exactly what we provide. By managing the diverse labor types and skillsets from a single, planned organization, you can avoid work conflicts, overlapping labor problems and completion errors that prevent the next stage of operation, all of which will typically drive up the cost of industrial projects by tens of thousands of dollars.

There’s no reason to dread the major projects that you need completed. Call today and talk to one of our designers or managers. We’ll be happy to show you the optimized road to a perfectly completed construction task. All you need is a little ambition and a worthy goal. We’ll take care of the rest.