Industrial Boilers


W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc. currently boasts an employee base in excess of 900 capable workers. Our access to a large, permanent employee base gives us a leading edge in the industrial construction, installation, and maintenance of industrial boilers.

Industrial boilers offer a unique challenge to builders and installers. The danger inherent in poorly manufactured or installed boilers necessitates the very best boilermakers in the industry. All of our employees undergo rigorous training and apprenticeship. We want to be sure we have the very best workers in the industry.

The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers has a local membership of around 300 members. Accordingly, W.W. Gay Mechanical has unprecedented access to highly skilled, highly trained individuals who specialize in safe and skilled installation of industrial boilers. This flexibility also allows W.W. Gay Mechanical to staff huge construction jobs, even on relatively short notice.

There is no client request we can’t handle. In the event the combined manpower of our permanent workforce and local union members isn’t sufficient to complete a job. In addition, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers has the ability to recruit workers from their entire membership. As a large and very well established union, the Brotherhood has an international pool of over 3 million members from which to draw.

No matter what job needs doing, whether industrial boilers or any of our other specialties, W.W. Gay Mechanical has the manpower and — more importantly — the skill to assist with specific client needs and create a plan that will get your boiler installed or maintained to precise specifications. Once a plan is established, our labor force is ready to work around the clock to get your project completed on time, anytime.

In a competitive industry, we know our clients need someone they can trust. William W. “Bill” Gay founded our company in 1962. Since then, he has consistently delivered quality work for his clients. There are few projects as complex and demanding as boiler production. That’s why W.W. Gay Mechanical strongly emphasizes safety in each step of their process. Additionally, raising the bar for safety time and again, we implement safety initiative for every task, making sure our clients are safe, satisfied and can rely on our work for years to come.