David Boree Awarded the Governor’s Business Ambassador Medal

David Boree is President of W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractors. During his time working with the company, he has made an amazing impact on the business.

David Boree Awarded the Governor's Business Ambassador Medal

Not only was he awarded the ‘Young Engineer of the Year’ Award from the state of Florida but he is also actively involved in civic councils including: current President of Downtown Jacksonville Rotary Club, University of Florida Mechanical Engineering Advisory Board, Gator Bowl Executive Committee, UNF Engineering Advisory Council, and NE Florida Executive Board of Boy Scouts of Florida.

Governor Rick Scott has taken notice of his crowning achievement and awarded him the governor’s business ambassador medal for the company’s growth.

What is the Governor’s Business Ambassador Medal?

The Florida Governor’s Business Ambassador Medal given to businesses and companies that do exceedingly well for the state’s economy. While W.W. Gay becomes one of the companies based in Florida recognized and awarded, it is not exclusive to businesses based in Florida.

For example, Wix given the award for creating over 100 jobs since opening their branch in Miami.

The award is a huge honor to receive, and Rick Scott visited the plant to personally present the medal to David Boree in a ceremony that happened in January 2018. During the presentation, Governor Scott pointed out that “WW Gay has grown by 20% the last few years and added a bunch of jobs and increased payroll.”

The Governor's Business Ambassador Medal

W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractors

We focus on quality and customer satisfaction. We have stood by this code for several years, and it is humbling to receive an award for the rewards the hard work has brought us.

Therefore, continuing to pursue excellence and settle for greatness in the years to come. We sincerely thank everyone who has been a part of this journey to receiving this award, and we hope to win many medals like this one in the future.

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