Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Florida

Here at W.W. Gay Mechanical, INC in Florida, we provide commercial solar panel installation services, including rooftop and field installations. As well as setting-up and calibrating all solar panel electrical equipment and software. Our technicians, dedicated to following all the solar panel codes and regulations set forth by ISO/TC 180. We can even help you determine the size of your solar panel installation.

Rooftop Solar Installations

Solar panels work best when placed in areas that receive a lot of sunlight, which makes your commercial roof an ideal location. Choosing a rooftop solar installation also means that you will not lose any space on your grounds.

A typical rooftop solar installation includes enough solar panels to meet your solar energy benchmarks, wiring, an inverter to convert the DC power into AC power and a switch. The solar panel installation is connected directly to your main electrical panel. This allows your solar power to run the electrical appliances and equipment in your building, which reduces your overall electric bill.

Field Based Solar Installations

Field based solar installations become mounted onto frames that connect to the ground. During the initial solar panel evaluation phase, our technicians will evaluate your grounds. With your input, to determine which area gets the most sunlight. The solar panels become installed onto the appropriate mounting equipment. Like rooftop installations, wires are then connected to an inverter before being connected to your main electrical panel.

Benefits of Commercial Solar Panels

Commercial solar panels help reduce your carbon footprint by providing you with clean energy during the day. If your panels happen to generate more energy than you need, the extra energy is fed into your community’s electrical grid, resulting in a credit to your energy bill that can help mitigate the grid power you use at night and on cloudy days.

To learn more about how we can help you lower your carbon footprint and energy consumption with solar panels and to schedule an estimate, call us today. We offer seven locations in Florida to help serve all your solar installation needs.