Commercial Non-Destructive Analysis

Commercial Non-Destructive Analysis

Non-destructive analysis service from W.W. Gay Mechanical provides you with the highest standards of safety and efficiency for your equipment and assets. All of our service employees are licensed and certified in their specialized fields to ensure you are in full compliance with standards by accurately monitoring for potential defects before they cause significant damage. W.W. Gay Mechanical creates a uniquely tailored predictive maintenance service program for periodic analysis in the most economic fashion to help you eliminate potential equipment failures before they happen.

From government facilities to chemical plants to manufacturing, it’s of paramount importance that you have access to valuable preventive data so that you can make strategic and informed decisions about the management of your assets and equipment. In addition, W.W. Gay Mechanics provide the following services to assist you.

Infrared (Heat Analysis)

This non-destructive infrared analysis uses active infrared imaging to detect emerging corrosion, damage and other detrimental conditions and allows you the ability to take corrective measures in advance.

Eddie Current (Tube Analysis)

This non-destructive electromagnetic process detects surface and sub-surface flaws and provides you with preventative data to implement any necessary corrective measures.

Dynamic Acceleration Velocity Displacement (Vibration Analysis)

This non-destructive process can help determine the condition of your equipment by monitoring the vibration signatures specific to each piece. Which will additionally provide you with information about the need for future maintenance or replacement.

Thermograph (Electrical Hot Spots)

Our specialists can provide you with regular hot-spot testing so that preventative action considered into account. Electrical hot-spots, often caused by increased resistance and can lead to damaged components and safety hazards.

Chemical Analysis (Oil, Bromide, Refrigerant)

We provide ongoing analysis to determine unknown chemicals and inform you about the appropriate actions to remedy the agent involved.

W.W. Gay Mechanical provides the very best industry service. In addition, our employees have undergone extensive apprenticeships, training and have attained specialized certifications. We have a fleet of vehicles that can be activated to serve your needs 24 hours a day. Our non-destructive analysis can provide valuable insights into your operation and equipment that can help to avoid interruptions and maintain a high level of employee safety.