Commercial Fabrication

Commercial Fabrication

W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor is the one-stop shop for your HVAC, plumbing, and industrial needs. The company was founded by William W. “Bill” Gay in 1962 and has been a proven name in the public, private, and military sector for over five decades. We primarily service areas in Florida and Georgia and offer services in plumbing and air conditioning. However, one of our special strengths is our skill and experience with commercial fabrication.

Services We Provide

We offer commercial fabrication services powered by the most experienced team of design experts and subcontractors using state of the art technology, including BIM capabilities that perform clash detection and MEP coordination. Additionally, we offer metal fabrication services through our 21st-century industrial fabrication facility. That same facility offers pipe fabrication and skid fabrication , making us uniquely suited to take care of all of your different fabrication needs. We also offer services in carpentry, welding, steel erection, and general construction efforts. Whether you need something created, installed, repaired, or just desire general maintenance services, we can provide what you are looking for.

Why Choose Us?

At W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, our greatest strength is our people. We have a team of over 1000 workers who have created our sterling reputation for reliability, service, and quality. This team has decades of experience in completing small and large scale projects for small businesses, larger businesses, and private individuals. No project is too big for this company because W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor has the combination of financial reserves, working capital, and purchasing power required to make even your wildest vision into a practical and functioning reality. Each member of this team is highly-trained and individually-licensed, and we have LEED certified professionals as part of our staff. This diverse, versatile team is why we are able to offer a 100 percent guarantee on all services as well as upfront prices that allow you to know exactly what the project will involve.

Our Fabrication Services

  • Computer Drafting – We can help you draft a virtual model of the structure that you want to build before actually putting it together. This will help both us and you see what it will look like and how it will function beforehand. We utilize cutting-edge software that incorporates the physics of metal fabrication in order to show the appearance and functionality of the metal structure, so that we can be sure that it meets physical requirements before starting to build it. We can also draft on the computer just how the structure will fit into a larger system, so that everyone involved can see just how it will work when it is integrated into a system of other parts.
  • Pipe Fabrication – Regardless of the industry your business serves, we can fabricate pipes that meet your exacting parameters to ensure quick and efficient movement of large amounts of material such as debris, gas or air. We are well-stocked with the materials that meet or exceed all applicable codes. Our fabrication department has the latest design tools to complete the most complex job.
  • Hanger Fabrication – The integrity of any hangers you use on the job is vital to both your reputation and the safety of the people involved. We can fabricate any manner of hangers that your business might need. We work closely with you to utilizing best practices in order to deliver the hangers you need, when you need them.
  • Miscellaneous Structural Fabrication – when you need structural support for your projects, we are there to provide exactly what is necessary to complete the job. Whether your project is straightforward and you know exactly what you need going into it or it is a more complex and complicated job, our designers can work with you to fabricate the support needed to handle any substance or material. We can fabricate parts that repair a structure or build one from scratch.
  • Plumbing & Non-Metal Pipe Fabrication – of course, we can also provide you with metal and nonmetal pipe fabrication for all your industrial and commercial plumbing needs. Whether this is copper piping, PVC or some other material, we can design and fabricate an entire plumbing system for your project or just a few replacement parts. From jobs that start from the ground up to simple repairs, our expertise covers every plumbing fabrication need you might run across.
  • Blasting and Coating – We realize that you not only want your metal structures to fit into a system and be operational, but that you want this functional operation to last. Blasting and coating services to prevent corrosion in the future are part of the suite of services that we offer as well.
  • Installation – When it comes to actually installing your structures for practical use, we have expert technicians who can help you with that. Regardless of the size of any pipe or structure, we are able to put it into place so that it not only functions on its own but as part of your intended system as well.