Commercial Certified Test and Balance

W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor Inc. provides skilled services which verify the operation of building Mechanical Systems, improve occupant comfort and promote efficient energy consumption. We test and adjust the complete building environmental systems, and are certified by the National Environmental Balancing Bureau. We work primarily within the air and hydronic fields but are expanding into commissioning, vibration and sound testing, and clean room evaluations.

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Hydronic Balancing

  • Pumps
  • Chilled & Heating Water
  • Chillers
  • Cooling Towers
  • Flow Devices
  • Coils

Air Balancing

  • Supply & Return Air
  • Exhaust Fans
  • Fume Hoods
  • Air Volume Boxes
  • Air Outlets

Our employees are the “Best in the Business. We have several Professional Engineers (P.E.) and eight certified technicians on staff. Our technicians are all licensed journeymen with at least four years of apprenticeship school. W.W. Gay Test and Balance has been a charter member of the Florida Chapter of NEBB since 1981. Credibility through NEBB is a major benefit to building owners, engineers and contractors, assuring them with confidence that true expertise will be provided.

Some Of Our Completed Projects

test and balancing


  • Baptist / St. Vincent’s Hospital
  • Mayo Clinic
  • Methodist Medical Center
  • Alachua / Shands Hospital

Commercial Buildings

  • Nations Bank Office Park
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • CSX
  • Independent Life
  • Prudential

Educational Facilities

  • University of Florida
  • University of North Florida
  • Jacksonville University (JU)
  • Littlewood Elementary – Alachua County
  • LaFayette County High School


Contact: Marc St. Peter

NEBB Certified

NEBB Certified

Focus On A NEBB Certified Firm:
W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc.

from The NEBB Professional, October 2008

The primary business focus of W.W. Gay is as a Mechanical Contractor. W.W. Gay, a NEBB Certified Firm, has been providing HVAC construction solutions throughout Florida and the Southeast for the past 46 years. W.W. Gay has been a NEBB Certified Firm since 1981. Through their NEBB Certification, additional business opportunities present themselves. For example, when technicians are called for a service call, they respond to the specific call but sometimes notice other issues with an owner’s mechanical system. This may require pressure readings, balancing of a system or even commissioning work. W.W. Gay ‘s NEBB Certified Professionals experience and understanding of total mechanical systems allow for building problems to be diagnosed efficiently.

W.W. Gay Mechanical has supported NEBB and its programs for many years. W.W. Gay ‘s involvement with NEBB on a local and national is extensive, starting in May of 1981 when W.W. Gay ‘s Vice President Dan Langford became a NEBB Certified Professional. Dan became involved locally with the Florida Environmental Balancing Bureau (FEBB) and on a national level as a member of the NEBB Board of Directors. Several W.W. Gay employees followed Dan’s path. David Boree, PE, and Wayne Cook both served terms as President of FEBB. And today, Don Eshelman serves as FEBB President. The leadership at W.W. Gay is committed to NEBB in many different ways besides their service.

After many years of being volunteer proctors to help certify new firms into FEBB, as well as other chapters, W.W. Gay decided to open a testing lab which met the qualifications of being a certified testing facility. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, the state of the art facility is used twice a year to conduct NEBB testing and certification. Additionally, the lab has full hydronic capability, flow measuring devices, electronics, pneumatics, makeup water, air vents, suction diffusers, etc. The air station includes round duct, rectangular duct, insulated, non-insulated, outside air ducts, VAV, FTU, constant volume boxes, exhaust systems and AHUs. Therefore, the lab is also fully air-conditioned. Through their testing lab, W.W. Gay is committed to providing resources to the industry.

W.W. Gay is known for providing unparalleled service, quality and reliability to – HVAC, Plumbing, Piping, Carpentry, Welding, General Construction, Fire Protection, Steel Erection, Concrete and Facility Automation projects by combining their vast mechanical contracting experience, with a skilled workforce of over 2000 people. W.W. Gay is proud to be a NEBB Certified Firm.