Understanding The Importance of Backflow Devices

The importance of correctly installing a backflow device 

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In most states, local governments require that all commercial properties take steps to prevent two things: cross connections and backflow. For many property owners, these terms may seem a little confusing, but are actually pretty straight forward; a cross connection is a physical connection between the drinkable water supply and any non-drinkable water, solids, or gases that could cause contamination. Backflow is a little different and is the reverse flow of water, gas, solids, or other substances into the treated drinking water distribution system by either positive or negative vacuums known as backpressure and backsiphonage. To prevent these contaminations all together, all commercial and residential customers drawing from a municipal water supply are required to have a backflow device installed within their plumbing system as well as have it tested at least once a year to ensure proper working order.

All drinking water within a city becomes treated to meet certain standards. Backflow and cross connections adds harmful bacteria to the water supply subjecting thousands of other residents to potentially deadly illnesses as contaminates become carried with the drinking water around the city. Backflow and cross connections occur when the main flow of drinking water becomes left vulnerable by the lack of a properly installed backflow device or plumbing a line for the disposal of wastes, gases, and used water into the drinking water supply.

To prevent the spread of bacteria and possible liability issues, all commercial property owners should ensure to have a licensed plumber install and maintain a suitable backflow device on their plumbing system. If a property owner becomes found releasing used water without a backflow device, the owner is likely to have their water disconnected and a severe penalty and fine placed upon them.

To help prevent pollution, contamination, disease, and legal liability, we ensure that all our commercial and even residential property owners understand the requirements for a backflow device. We offer a wide variety of backflow devices as well as maintenance plans to ensure that our customers are always with legal standards and ordinances.

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