Project: Washrack at Marine Base in Blount Island

W.W Gay Mechanical was offered a special opportunity to present Blount Island’s Marine Base with an expanded wash rack for over sized equipment, like tanks!

The Wash rack Expansion at the Marine Base on Blount Island in Jacksonville, Florida was a unique project that W. W. Gay did in collaboration with Barlovento, LLC.

In reality this building is used to wash all types of equipment including 60 ton tanks, and the Marines there are extremely pleased.  The tanks can be driven over an undercarriage spray ramp which is activated automatically.

High Pressure Water Cannons

This ramp was provided by W. W. Gay’s miscellaneous metals fabrication shop.  The tank can then be driven into a bath where it can be rinsed by utilizing 4 high pressure water cannons, and then taken through one of twelve pressure washing stations for a final clean.  The pressure washing stations provide a 210 degree angle of water at 3,000 psi.

Miles Of Pipes Included

The new facility is over 33,000 square feet, and has a ceiling height of over 40 feet.  It has well over a mile of fusion bonded epoxy coated underground piping installed.  W. W. Gay was responsible for the mechanical piping, plumbing and HVAC, and made final connections to the actual wash rack equipment.  The duration of the project was in excess of two years.


W.W Gay Mechanical is well known for implementing advanced Plumbing and HVAC systems throughout our locations in Florida. If you would like information on the services we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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