Commercial Boilers

commercial boilersThrough our labor force, facilities, equipment, experience, and professional licensure and certification, W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor, Inc. is well capable of meeting the work requirements of our clients.

The Boilermakers have a local membership of approximately 300 members.

There is no client request we can’t handle. In the event that the combined manpower of our permanent workforce and local union members in not sufficient to complete a job, the International Brotherhood of Boilermakers has the ability to recruit workers from their entire membership. As a large and very well established union, the Brotherhood has an international pool of over 3 million members from which to draw.

No matter what job needs doing, whether commercial boilers or any of our other specialities, W.W. Gay Mechanical has the manpower and — more importantly — the skill to assist with specific client needs and create a plan that will get your boiler installed or maintained to precise specifications. Once a plan is established, our labor force is ready to work around the clock to get your project completed on time, any time.

W.W. Gay currently has over 900 employees. This large permanent employee base gives W.W. Gay an incredible amount of flexibility in manning large projects. We draw from current employees to man specific tasks. As the need arises for more manpower, we have the ability to draw additional local manpower from the local unions. Additionally, each local union has the ability to recruit from their national and international membership of over 3 million members, when local manpower needs exceed local resources.