Important Questions to Ask Any Commercial Plumbing Company


Jacksonville Commercial PlumberWhen it comes to career industries, plumbing certainly isn’t the most popular. However, it is the most important. Quality plumbing, particularly in commercial venues, is directly related to health and sanitation ratings. Poor plumbing can cause a whole list of complications and can lead to sickness. To help avoid problems stemming from poor commercial plumbing, commercial builders and owners should be sure they hire a plumber who is knowledgeable and efficient. Below are a few questions that all individuals thinking of hiring a commercial plumber should ask.

Do you specialize in commercial projects? When looking for a plumber for commercial projects, it is necessary that you choose a plumber that specifically handles commercial jobs. Commercial jobs have different code, permit, and inspection requirements, and you will need a plumber with sufficient commercial experience to correctly navigate all three.

Are you licensed and bonded in this state? Unfortunately, it is not unheard of for commercial builders and owners to be duped by inscrutable people advertising themselves as commercial plumbers. It is important to make sure that the plumber you chose is licensed, bonded, and certified to work in your state. Ask for a bond number and state identification number, then call your state and make sure that the number active and no charges or liens have been levied against the plumber’s license.

What is your current schedule? For the most part residential jobs last only a day or two. However, many commercial jobs could last for weeks or more, so it is important that you choose a plumber that has good scheduling techniques and the time to devote to your project.

Ask for three to five commercial references. Just as a job interview may require references, so should your search for the right plumber. Be sure to read online reviews, ask friends and colleagues, and ask for specific references from the plumber. 

Most commercial plumbers won’t mind giving you references at all. They may need to ask permission from a previous client before giving you contact information, but they will happily make that request. Beware of any plumber who won’t give your references or seems to avoid the topic altogether. If you are looking for a responsible and knowledgeable commercial plumbing contractor, call W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor at (904) 388-2696 today!

Looking for a reliable commercial plumber?


Plumbing EmergencyPlumbing emergencies can happen anywhere at any time. At a commercial job site, it is essential that all emergencies are addressed quickly and professionally. Below are some reasons why we encourage all our commercial clients to have a professional 24 hour plumber on call.

To prevent excess damage caused by time delay: Plumbing emergencies have their own time clock and will occur anytime of the day or night. These emergencies can range in severity, but even the smallest leaks can cause severe water damage should it be allowed to sit for an extended period. Having a 24-hour plumber on call ensures that once the leak is discovered it can be readily addressed and repaired.

To allow for improved convenience of installations, repairs, and maintenance: One of the best reasons to use a 24 hour plumber on a commercial job site is for expediency. Plumbers often need room to work, and trying to work around other construction crews can cause expensive time delays. Many commercial builders prefer to have plumbers come to the site during the night to complete any work needed to help with expediency. Increased expediency is also beneficial for commercial sites that are already in business. Plumbing maintenance routines have the potential to close down parts of a business. This is frustrating for consumers, inconvenient for business professionals, and can waste valuable work time. Hiring a 24 hour plumber can alleviate the need to run a business around maintenance crews by allowing the work to be accomplished after close of business.

To keep with state and local code enforcement: In some state and local governments, commercial building codes require the builder that a commercial site have emergency crews on call to prevent situations that could affect public health and safety. Should a water main burst during the night, and flood a busy highway, it could increase the chances of vehicle accidents during busy traffic times. This could mean fines, liability claims, and other expensive fees that the owner will have to incur.

Having a 24 plumber at a commercial site lowers the risk of potential emergencies, and also helps prevent excess time and costs expenditures, while also helping to keep potential liability issues to a minimum. If you are in need of a reliable 24 hour plumbing servicing for your commercial site call W.W. Gay Mechanical Contractor at (904) 388-2696, and let us take care of the problem for you.

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